Stand Up & Take a Bow

Almost two years after it began, one of  Maxine Piper’s 3 current cases has ended Stand Up & take a bow guyhappily in adoption.

Robert and Leslie Tarallo have added a 5th child to their current case load — assisting Judi Tennien on her case.

Bob McLarty has taken on a case involving 2 siblings under 2 years of age adding to the 3 cases he already has.

Thank you all for your continued hard work!!

And we are very happy to report that 4 new CASA applicants will attend next week’s Academy in Phoenix!


Stand Up & Take a Bow!

Please welcome Peggy Duffy-Cook to our CASA family!            Stand up guy medium
Peggy was previously a CASA in Globe and left for a short time to be part of the CASA program in Navajo County, but she is back and we couldn’t be happier! Peggy is very positive and energetic. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her position as a CASA.
Welcome back Peggy!
birthday cake3
     15–Tawnya Allaire
     28–Bob McLarty

Welcome to our Newest CASA Volunteer

Judi Tennien 001Judi Tennien comes to CASA of Gila County with a CASA background!  She was a CASA in Maricopa County for two years before moving to Payson.  Teaching was Judi’s profession for twenty years.  When she retired from teaching she and her husband opened their own outdoor newsstand in Tempe. Judi is the sister of our longtime CASA, Leslie Tarallo.  Together they sing in the church choir and the Payson Community Chorus.  She also volunteers at the Payson Library, the local ReadOut Program, Mt. Cross Cares children’s program and enjoys being a speaker for the Arizona Alzheimer’s Association.  In addition, Judi heads up a Presbyterian women’s group that bakes and sends cookies each month to Afghanistan military bases.

Judi has taken on her first CASA case and is proving to be a wonderful asset to the child in her case as well as the CASA of Gila County program.

Welcome Judi!

Stand Up & Take a Bow!

Judi Tennien has taken on her first case as a CASA in Gila County!  She is doing a Stand Up & take a bow guywonderful job and has quickly become an asset to the CASA program.

Leslie and Robert Tarallo have taken on a new case.  This will be their 13th case since they have been with CASA of Gila County!  They are wonderful CASAs and we are lucky to have them both.



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 12th  Lani Shaver
 15th  Barb Buntin
    28th  Joanne Barry

Stand up & Take a Bow

Barbara Buntin and Ann Leonard just completed a case Stand up guy medium            they have been working on for over a year.  The case                 went to adoption last week and the children now have a forever family!  Thank you Barb and Ann for all of your hard work and dedication working with these children.

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17th  Patti Keyworth

                                                        18th  Kay Houghton

                                                                                                  21st  Cecil Sims

Stand Up & Take a Bow!

Kate Smith and Tawnya Allaire have taken on a case involving 6 children.Stand up guy medium                         Kate oversees the three boys while Tawnya follows the girls’ in their dependency case.   Huge kudos to you both for your continuing success in working so closely as a team on this very complicated case.

Stand Up & Take a Bow

After being assigned to her third case in  Stand Up & take a bow guy                                                                       August, Maxine Piper has taken on another assignment involving a one year old child.   Way to go, Maxine!





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21st – Tom Jones