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Stand Up & Take a Bow!

Please welcome Peggy Duffy-Cook to our CASA family!            Stand up guy medium
Peggy was previously a CASA in Globe and left for a short time to be part of the CASA program in Navajo County, but she is back and we couldn’t be happier! Peggy is very positive and energetic. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her position as a CASA.
Welcome back Peggy!
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     15–Tawnya Allaire
     28–Bob McLarty

Stand Up & Take a Bow!

Great Big Thanks to Lani Shaver for her continued help to screen the new CASA cases!  

Congratulations to Teri & Tom Jones whose case was recently dismissed in a successful family reunification.



11th  – John Breninger


Welcome New CASA – Heather Clore 

I have worked in the Healthcare insurance industry for about 17 years, I started in billing for Cardiologist and Radiologist, then became a claims analyst and ended in software sales to the doctors. I have always enjoyed working in the healthcare industry, because it is challenging and changes on a daily basis.  My last place of employment was at Southwest Behavioral Health where I was a receptionist.

I lived in Rocky Point, Mexico for the past 2 years where my husband and I did mission work. I loved working with the people there and loving on them every day!  We decided to move to Payson because the time was right, and my husband needs to be close to the VA hospital.  I was so excited to find out about the CASA program, it is a program that I have been looking to be part of for a long time. I love children and believe that they all deserve love, and to have someone who is there for them everyday.

My husband and I are retired and spend most of our time together, along with our two dogs. We enjoy football, baseball and hockey games. We like to travel all over but especially to California and Mexico.  Together we have 4 children, he has 3 and I have 1 and we love to visit our 4 grandchildren.  We have one child living in South Carolina, two living in Pennsylvania along with 2 grandbabies and 1 living in Michigan with our other 2 grandbabies. My husband’s sister and parents live in California, and we have” adopted” family in Mexico, so all of that keeps us very busy.

What do Judges Think

Hon. Robert Brutinel, Presiding Judge, Yavapai County Superior Court 2010 National CASA Association Judge of the Year Prescott, AZ

The one constant I see in children’s lives is the CASA.

When I think about CASAs, what I think about in addition to all the hard work, in addition to learning about the system, in addition to holding judges and the system accountable for how the system works—is consistency. Since I’ve been a juvenile court judge for almost 15 years now, everybody’s changed. Nobody that I started with is still in the juvenile system. We see new case managers all the time. Treatment professionals change. The one constant I see in children’s lives is the CASA. They are the ones that receive the graduation announcements. They are the ones still called upon to be mentors for children as they continue to grow and become adults. Thank you for the hard work. Thank you for all you do for children. Thank you for all the things that you’ve taught me about being a better judge and about being a better a human being during the time that I’ve been a juvenile judge.

Training Required by Dec 31!!


All CASAs must complete 12 hours of annual training by December 31, 2011.  Click on  “Training Resources” above and then on “CASA recommended books” for a list of books you can read for credit.  You can also click on the CASA State website on the right-hand side and complete online training modules as well.