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 A lot has been done with children and animals, can a dog visit with a child? Can Question & Answer Guyyou take a child to the humane society to visit dogs and cats?
Answer: Just as you would with a neighbor’s or friend’s child, you would want to check with the case manager before initiating this type of contact, just to be sure there aren’t any issues that you may not be aware of. Once that is done, a CASA volunteer may move forward with this type of activity.

What do CASA volunteers need to report when undocumented status is suspected?
Answer: By the time that a CASA volunteer is assigned to a case, any suspicions of undocumented status will most likely have been identified and investigated by CPS. Please keep in mind that it is not a CASA’s role to focus on issues surrounding undocumented status, but instead to focus on advocating for a CASA child’s best interests and permanence.

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